Terms & conditions

1. Purpose of terms and conditions

a. The following document (along with the documents referred to throughout) sets out the terms and conditions for which Make-Out Meals PTY LTD (ACN 641580010) (“Make-Out Meals”) supplies products to the customer (“Customer”). b. Any Customer should read and understand these terms and conditions prior to ordering any products offered through the website on www.makeoutmeals.com.au. By ordering any product offered here, the Customer agrees to the terms and conditions as outlined in this document. c. Make-Out Meals reserves the right to update terms & conditions at any time. The Customer should save or print a copy of these terms & conditions as they exist in their current state for future reference. d. This contract between Make-Out Meals and the Customer will be binding, and rights or obligations of the Customer may not be transferred to other parties. e. The terms and conditions as outlined in this document constitute the whole agreement between Make-Out Meals and the Customer, and overrides any previous correspondence or arrangement between the given parties. f. Make-Out Meals reserves the right to amend or revise the terms and conditions outlined in this document to reflect any relevant any changes within the environment of which Make-Out Meals operates in. g. The laws applicable in Victoria govern these terms and conditions and any Contract formed under these terms and conditions.

2. Service Availability

a. Make-Out Meals is currently only available in Victoria, Australia. The products offered are only intended for people within this area, and we do not accept orders from outside Victoria, or the delivery areas as listed on the website.

3. Your Status

a. By visiting our website and if you choose to place an order, you are declaring that you are: i. 18 years or older ii. An Australian resident iii. Legally capable of entering into a binding contract

4. Purchases

a. Make-Out Meals offers both a single purchase box and a subscription box. After ordering either product on our website, the Customer will receive an email confirmation of their purchase which acknowledges their order has been received by Make-Out Meals. This does not constitute that we have accepted the Customer’s order. All purchases are subject to acceptance by Make-Out Meals. The purchase is confirmed when the Customer receives an email that the order has been dispatched for delivery. The contract between Make-Out Meals and the Customer will only be formed at the time of this dispatch delivery email. b. The cut-off period for both single and subscription purchases are each Friday at 11.59pm.

5. Subscription Purchases

a. By selecting and purchasing the subscription product option, the Customer agrees to be billed recurring, weekly subscriptions. These payments will be indefinite, until cancelled by either Make-Out Meals or the Customer. Customers are able to pause, skip, or cancel their subscription at any time prior to the cut-off period. The cut off period to edit, skip or cancel your order is 6 days prior to your delivery in NSW, ACT and VIC. b. If the Customer cancels an order after the cut-off period on Friday at 11.59pm each week, the Customer will be charged in full for the order. c. Any cancellation prior to the cut-off time will not be charged. Customers are able to enter another subscription at any time after this. d. Customers can pause, skip or cancel their subscription online at www.makeoutmeals.com.au by clicking Manage Subscription in the menu, or by emailing support@makeoutmeals.com.au. e. Make-Out Meals reserves the right to not renew any subscription at any time without providing reason.

6. Price, Promotions and Gift Vouchers

a. Make-Out Meals reserves the right to withdraw any prices that may have been listed incorrectly on the website. b. Prices are as they appear on the website, and include GST. c. We may offer promotions, special offers, discount vouchers and gift vouchers. The terms and conditions shall be as set out in the individual terms and conditions for the promotion.

7. Delivery and ownership of products

a. The products are the Customer’s responsibility from the time they are delivered. b. Orders will be delivered in the timeframe specified on the website, as confirmed by the email confirming the dispatch. c. Deliveries may be delivered late or outside of the times specified. Make-Out Meals reserves the right to deliver outside the times specified, if events outside our control influence our ability to deliver in a timely manner, or the products as specified.

8. Refunds

a. If the Customer is not satisfied with the Product for a valid reason, including missing or damaged products, we will offer a refund, as deemed by Make-Out Meals to be appropriate. b. Make-Out Meals retains sole discretion to determine the extent of any refund. c. Refunds can be requested by emailing support@makeoutmeals.com.au, and must be within four (4) days of receiving your delivery to qualify.

9. Warranty and liability

a. Any product that is purchased from Make-Out Meals will meet the expectations set out on the website, and align with the description of the product, be of a satisfactory quality, and be fit to use for the purpose intended. b. If Make-Out Meals does not comply with the terms as set out in 9(a), Make-Out Meals will only be liable to repay the Customer the purchase price of the products, to the maximum extent permitted by the law. c. These terms and conditions do not exclude or limit our liability for personal injury created by the negligence of Make-Out Meals, fraudulent representation, or any breaches of relevant consumer rights and any other matter mandated by law. d. All formal complaints are to be sent to support@makeoutmeals.com.au in writing. e. Any notices sent to the Customer by Make-Out Meals will be deemed received immediately when posted on the website or 24 hours after sending an email. In proving the notice was given, that the email was sent to the email of the notice recipient will be sufficient notice.

10. Website and intellectual property

a. Whether registered or unregistered, Make-Out Meals owns the rights and is the licensee to all material published on the website, as protected by copyright laws. b. Any material published by us must not be used for others for commercial purposes without prior agreement from Make-Out Meals.